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Plaid is the new black

It’s here, there, everywhere… On capes, pants, tops, and accessories, in timeless and updated palettes, at NYFW, on bloggers—the classic pattern…

Why you need accessories

Any woman worth her fashion salt knows the power of accessories—they are like the fairy dust you sprinkle to truly make a look come…

Denim trends

Ask any girl and she’ll say that jeans are a closet mainstay and—most likely—always will be. Seasonless, effortless, painless, they just get you.

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It’s time to get cozy women’s coat

Winter is coming. After you stop bemoaning the end of warm weather, you’ll stand in front of your closet and sigh over your well-worn collection of parkas, coats and furs. The latest collection of women’s coats—from updated classics to just-off-the-runway styles—will add some life back into that cold-weather wardrobe.

Party dresses

New Year’s celebrations are not far off! That means dresses, dresses and more dresses! Time to shimmy in your party best and radiate like the star you are (the host will just have to deal). Don’t know where to start? Not to worry, we’re here to help you pick your

Top tips for holiday packing

Preparing for holidays is half the fun. But regardless of where you’re going, working out what to take
can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help make packing stress-free.


Make sure you pack cardigans and jersey layers for cooler evenings. They don’t take up much space and can also serve as a cover up, a headscarf, or simply add a burst of colour.


One word: dresses! Simple and classic, dresses are great holiday pieces. Wear with flats or flip-flops by day; by night add lipstick and heels.


Choose items that match well with others; it can be helpful to pick a couple of favourite colours and use these as a guide.


Lay out everything you want to take, then reduce by one third. It’s drastic but it forces you to be selective.

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All your knits

We can be ready for anything: from warm mornings in the sun, to a chilly afternoon as clouds cover the sky. You only need to get caught once without a cardigan on a cool fall day, to know how essential knits are!
Knits extend the life of your summer wardrobe. Have a favourite top or dress that you aren’t quite ready to relegate to the back of the cupboard? No problem. Simply layer with a fabulous knit thing – perhaps a cute sweater or a long wrap cardigan – so you can wear these pieces longer.